Space gym is a young and promising company, formed with a couple of sportsmen from Novi Sad to make quality equipment for gyms and fitness centers. Small, local workshops were unable to supply quality products in this area, and the world's leading manufacturers are too expensive even for large fitness center. Guided by this fact, the designer and constructor Miroljub Ničić, with friends, started producing trainers, weights and other gym equipment of high quality and simple design.

Experienced as a constructor in the sport, simple and modern design, made with best imported materials, never before seen innovations in trainer production, development of machines that precisely hit the targeted muscle groups, high precision production on CNC machines as well as a quality finish. All this ranks our products as a high quality, proffesionally made end products, launch Space Gym company as the lead domestic fabricator of fitness equipment, and also rank it high on the world market.


You can choose a different color for your machines.

Unlimited Rope

  • Machine for many different muscle groups exercises
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Good for home exercises

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Photography, video and design: Slobodan Vučković (, Marko Ercegovic, Vojin Ivkov
Gym on the apartment wall is our separate production program, developed in cooperation with top athletes, for their needs, and adapted for people who don’t have time to go to the fitness center. These multifunctional machines are mounted on our clients’ apartment or house wall, still containing all the exercises we are used to doing in the gym, as well as our constructors innovations, never before seen in fitness equipment production.This form of training is far simpler for people who use it for recreation as well as athletes, and saves time and money spent on going to the gym. Trainers are of high quality, they have a modern design, a quality finish, made from imported materials and with computerized precision manufacturing.